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What do we inhabitants know about our own country? Well, we know it's frequently got rubbish weather, and we know we've got four seasons though we're never sure which is which. Lord Byron joked that Britain had a summer starting on 31 July and ending on 1 August. Even the Romans, guarding Hadrian's Wall, were wont to whinge about the weather.

But that's also the wonderful thing about Britain, its rolling, storm–battered, mist–shrouded, legend–ladled history, a green and pleasant landscape of castles, palaces, great houses, haunted groves, old ruins and cosmopolitan chic.

There's more to see in Britain than anyone can easily do in a lifetime, and we have just a small selection here, all of which are a lot more interesting than loafing on the beach all day in some Mediterranean sun–trap. We can't guarantee the weather of course, but then you're British, you understand.

Stiff upper lip, and all that.

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